The finest cars in the World ?

Whilst Rolls Royce and Bentley may make the finest cars in the world, the one you are considering buying may not have had the care it required to stay that way. With Silver Shadows available for well under £8,000 to barely used Bentley Arnage at £150,000+, you really need to know what lurks beneath the shiny exterior, what bills are likely and whether any repairs made have been up to standard.

Our marque specialist inspectors know what weaknesses to look for, what any car should be like given mileage and age, and whether its reasonable value for money. When you book a pre purchase inspection on a Rolls Royce or Bentley with us, your inspector will be one of the most knowledgeable experts on the marque available.

You will receive a full written report after a detailed 2 (or maybe even longer) hour inspection and a verbal report as soon as we have finished our inspection.

For peace of mind, for knowing that your intended purchase will waft you silently in luxury, our fee (typically £300) is a small price to pay.

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