Case study – Bentley Turbo R, inspected June 2006

Our client from Surrey found a 1996 car advertised 150 miles from home at what seemed a bargain price of £24,000. Having contacted us, we arranged for the vendor in Nottinghamshire to take the vehicle to our inspectors premises so we could fully inspect it on our ramps in the workshop. After a very thorough inspection, a number of minor faults were found which the dealer agreed to have fixed within the advertised price. Our client did indeed get a bargain, as the car was sold to him at trade price. He was so delighted he brought it to our offices to show us, where we advised him on polish and a leather restoration products which have enabled him to prepare the car to showroom standard. These are available from The vendor called us to thank us for our efficiency and bemoan his loss!

Jan. 2010 update- Our cleint has remained in contact and continues to look after his car with Race Glaze wax and interior products.

This client still calls us in 2009 for car care products, which clearly demonstrates the breadth of our service.