About CarInspections

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We have provided a very personal service specialising in inspecting sports, prestige and classic cars throughout the UK since 2003 – we don’t do run of the mill family and mass market cars, and neither do our inspectors.

We have around 50 inspectors who are hand picked for their expertise and experience, with some being specialists in a single marque only, such as Ferrari or Porsche, or similar cars e.g. low volume British sports cars types, British classics etc. This makes us very different from other inspection organisations – you get an expert who has seen (up to) hundreds of the same cars. His experience is your comfort for your buying decision.

We are probably the largest independent inspectors of used Porsche and Ferrari in the UK, seeing up to 15 Porsche a week, and were sole provider of inspection services on all sports, premium and luxury cars to the AA through their outsourced partner from November 2004 to April 2007. Our MD has been involved in the Porsche and Ferrari scene for over 15 years.

We’ve been advising car buyers since 2003, and have seen literally thousands of cars on behalf of clients. Many clients have no mechanical knowledge or specific knowledge of the car they intend to buy but are so confident in our inspection service that some buy the car on our advice without seeing it. Many are overseas, for whom we can arrange shipping too.

Our inspections are thorough, practical and often invaluable. We can usually inspect within 48 hours of client instructions anywhere in the UK including Northern Ireland. We can also inspect in mainland Europe. Our reports are initially verbal on the day and in writing usually overnight. We do not insist on our inspectors producing formulaic tick box reports, preferring them to use their experience to highlight faults – with around 7,000 parts on a car our view is that you’d rather know whats wrong than list whats right. We  also keep costs down by not photographing every page of the service book and receipt, but do review them for you.

We’re often asked if our service is a ’130 point check’ or similar – we will check every switch, brake pads, discs, wheels and tyres – so how you count them makes 130 quite easily. some complex modern cars require even more items to be checked, older cars and classics need an experienced eye who knows their weak points.

If you are considering purchasing any sports car, a prestige car or classic car, it makes sense to have it inspected by a specialist. Call us on 01780 749449 to discuss the car/s you‘re considering purchasing, or use our enquiry form. We’ll advise you on our service, price and when we can inspect the vehicle.

Note that we will also inspect damaged cars, assist in dealer disputes or insurance claims – services few others have the experience to provide.