Case study – Bentley Arnage 2005

We were called to inspect a Bentley Arnage for our client, who was about to purchase a 12 month old car from a main dealer in Essex, with 2,500 miles and a price tag of £150,000. He wanted to be sure it was a sound car and wouldn’t cost a fortune to fix niggling faults which would ruin the ownership dream. Our inspector took an extended road test and found a single minor fault which was repaired by the dealership free of charge. The inspection took place at the dealership using their ramps so that we could get underneath the car properly. Our client is delighted with his Bentley, and that it is as perfect as the price tag suggested. For this total peace of mind, our service, which cost £300 was considered money very well spent, even on such a new car.

Note: we have inspected nearly new Porsche 911′s at main dealers and found faults costing many hundreds of pounds to fix so its worth having a pre-purchase inspection even in these cases.