Inspection Case Study – Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1978

We’re seeing growing interest in these older Rolls Royce cars, and recently inspected a London-based Silver Shadow with well over 120,000 miles which the prospective new owner intended to drive to Southern Europe. Our engineer owned one of exactly the same age and advised on the essential and cosmetic repairs required. There are always things to attend to on these now old cars, but you don’t want to start with a troublesome car, which can prove very expensive indeed – it may be old, but its still a Rolls Royce! So whilst they do appear great value, the cost of repairing items can be huge, reflecting their original, new price, and you may have to put up with broken features or some rust on areas such as wheel arches on £7-10,000 cars if you want to keep to a budget. As ever,  a car that has been lovingly cared for with a wad of service and repair bills which may be expensive compared to others available is usually the best buy in the long run.

We’ve also inspected similar era Bentley T2s, and from older pre-war RR up to 12 month old Bentley Arnage, Turbo R, Brooklands, Continental GT and new Phantoms.