Why choose us as your Pre-Purchase Inspector ?

We know there are other vehicle inspectors out there and you have a choice. That’s why we provide a very personal service specialising in sports, prestige and classic cars – we don’t do run of the mill family and mass market cars, and neither do our inspectors.

That’s why the AA’s outsourced partner, who took over the AA’s inspection business in November 2004, immediately referred all this type of business to us – and no-one else. As a result, we worked successfully with them until 2007 when the AA started their own inspection service – but which still doesn’t include Porsche, Ferrari – indeed, any high performance or luxury cars. But we are still here !

And we actually charge less than the RAC for most cars !!!

Our Inspectors are hand picked for their expertise ON ONE MARQUE, with some being specialists in similar cars e.g. low volume British sports cars types, Ferrari/Maserati. A few pen portraits will illustrate the expertise we have on offer (we have around 50 inspectors):

One of our Porsche men can spot a 1975 911 from a 1974 911 even with his hand over one eye, at 20 yards (and has done)

    • Our kit car expert can tell you if the roll cage bolts are of the wrong type, or if your track day car will fail scrutineering
    • One of our TVR experts is probably the leading authority on these cars in the UK – another used to work in the TVR Race Department
    • We count the Porsche Club GBs Turbo expert and one of its Directors amongst our Porsche inspectors
    • We have TWO Porsche experts in Northern Ireland – we understand no-one else offers a service in Ireland at all. And a Ferrari guy. All of whom can cover the Republic of Ireland.
    • We include the AAs former Engineer of the Year as one of our inspectors – a very versatile, no nonsense inspector who is also seen on BBC Watchdog advising on dodgy cars.
    • One of our inspectors is an ex-Le Mans design engineer so really knows how cars work under stress – others work as pit lane crew at many race meetings
    • We’ve helped clients in Eire, South Africa, Australia, the USA, Hong Kong, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, France, Luxemburg, Germany and other countries buy UK cars, and about 10% of our clients buy the car solely based on our report – if you’re too busy or its too far away, we can help. Its often more time and cost effective for us to inspect the car before you see it if its a long way away.
    • We’ve helped clients in disputes with Porsche, Caterham, Fisher, Nissan, Aston Martin and numerous dodgy dealers and insurers. Results: car returned and money refunded, extended warranty, free repairs and more
    • You’ll get a verbal report and written report from us, with inspections usually completed within 48 hours of instructions. We’ll give you our opinion on whether to buy the car or not – many others won’t.
    • Our fees represent a small percentage of the cost of buying a new (used) car – often a pair of tyres or less, and can usually save you at least the inspection fee in your negotiations when armed with proper knowledge of issues which the car dealers often didn’t  spot. There is nothing worse then driving away wondering if you have bought the right car……….

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to discuss your proposed new car

The written report came in this evening, fantastic work and worth every penny.

I will remember for next time as I will no doubt need your invaluable service in the future. The inspection paid for itself as the dealer is prepared to do half the work!

Mr Francis, Nissan 350Z inspection