Case Study – Jaguar MkII

Following our inspection of this 1967 Mk2 Jaguar for a client, he decided not to purchase it for the asking price due to around £2,000 worth of urgent repairs required, notably to brakes, which our inspector described as ‘lethal’. Repairs to old cars such as these are always expensive and although our fee may seem significant, particulalry for £5,000 cars for example ( and this car was significantly more) our fees can pale into insignificance next to workshop bills.

The vendor refused his lower offer and subsequently sold the car to another enthusiast who paid the full price without an inspection. We hope they knew about the brakes…

Our client found a better car which, after our inspection, he purchased 2 weeks later. We are constantly amazed by people who will buy an old, expensive or complex motor car without even seeing it, let alone taking on board specialist advice. Classics are the worst, but there are many smooth-talking, unscrupulous dealers who will sell a poor car at top prices, beautifully polished to the first mug who comes along. Please don’t let it be you !