Lotus Elise (2002) – Inspection report extract

Wehave been called to Pre-Purchase inspect a large number of Lotus Elise, and saw this 2002 car, offered for£16,000, with under 6,000 miles, in London. Our client did not buy this poor car, despite it looking so attractive initially.

‘This vehicle displays evidence of body and paintwork repairs which have been carried out to a poor standard for any USED vehicle let alone one that has a low recorded mileage such as this.

Even with the vehicle dirty and inspected in low light conditions the paintwork defects are very easy to see. To rectfiy these problems will result in the rear clam shell, front bumper and left hand door being re-painted and the colour blended into the adjacent panels. This will in effect result in the vehicle being re-painted. The cost of this work will be greater now than if the job had been done correctly in the first place as it is more expensive to rectfiy someone elses bad workmanship. It is likely that the cost to rectfiy the paint and bodywork defects could be in the region of £2,500.

The fabric roof was not present (hard top fitted). In view of the overall condition of the paintwork it would be wise to re-consider purchase of this vehicle. The service invoices seen did not document a service for 2005.’

As ever, buy as good a car as you can afford in the first place.