Case Study – Lotus Elise inspected in London

We were asked to perform a pre-purchase inspection on a Lotus Elise (1996), offered at £8,500, in London. Upon our investigations, we found that despite a £5,000 engine rebuild, this car exhibited multiple resprayed wings, scuffed wheels, worn pads, heavily chipped screen, a dropped n/s door and bent o/s rear tie bar. Plus a few other trim items pointing to less than careful stewardship. The client did not buy the car.

Despite it being cheap and on paper ‘sorted’, anyone viewing this car had our client bought it and subsequently wanting to sell it would have endured a long struggle to find another uninformed purchaser. Or maybe not – it looked good and ticked the boxes so probably did find a buyer who skimped on having an inspection. Without our knowledge, our client may well have bought this very poor example of an Elise.