Specialised car inspections

We are a specialised UK-wide inspection service with long standing and experienced experts on call for for buyers of Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley, TVR, kit cars and other specialist motor cars. We also inspect classics, from E-Types to Rolls Royce, Scimitar to BMW, Mercedes Pagoda to MG.

Our inspectors are practical, and will give you the benefit of their expertise and opinion to give you the comfort that you will drive away a sound car worth the money. Many of our clients use us as their eyes and ears where they have no mechanical or marque knowledge, and in a good many cases never see the car before committing to it. We have inspected many cars for prospective owners overseas and assisted on shipping too. A number of our clients have used our servcies to inspect 4 or 5 cars for them over the years, and much of our business is from recommendation.

See below to browse examples of the service we provide, select from the links for information on particular marques or use the search box to track down specific information.

Whilst this is our business, we cannot stress enough the wisdom of having someone who knows about the car you intend to buy look over it thoroughly for you. We might confirm that the car is perfect (though this is a very rare occurence) or find enough things wrong with it for you to walk away and thank your lucky stars. For most clients, we find more than enough faults, which are usually fixed by the sellers or price reduced, to more than cover our fee.

Alternatively, call us for chat about your intended purchase and how we might help you narrow down your shortlist or select a car. We are also prepared to take on problem cars, pre-litigation engineers report and warranty claims.