A specialised service for buyers of Ferraris

Whatever model of Ferrari you are considering, we provide a specialist to carry out the inspection for you.

Whether it’s a Ferrari 246 Dino, 275, Boxer, 308, 328, 348, F355, F430, 550/575, 612, 250, Ferrari Daytona, 360, 430, 458, 488, F12, 456, 400/412, or Ferrari Testarossa, it’s worth having an inspection by a specialist who knows the marque. We are probably the largest independent inspectors of used Ferraris in the UK and doubt anyone has the experience we have.

Mark Wibberley, our Managing Director is a Ferrari enthusiast, an Official of the Ferrari Owners’ Club and regularly attends Ferrari events. Our Ferrari inspectors, located throughout the UK, are carefully selected for their detailed knowledge and experience.

Call us to discuss the car you‘re considering purchasing, we’ll advise you on price and when we can inspect it. We have acted on numerous occasions for clients overseas, in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and continental Europe.

When the price of UK cars dropped, making them particularly attractive to overseas buyers with the 2008/09 fall in Sterlings value, we saw very tidy early 360′s for well under £40,000, and F430′s at £65k or so. Many of these cars were exported to Australia – we acted for 2 importation companies who bought on our reports.

We may be aware of a car that fits the specification you seek through our contacts with trade-only dealers, repossession and finance companies and individuals who desire a discreet, private disposal.

With the rise in general Ferrari values and low interest rates there has been renewed interest in Ferrari purchasing. Many of those who have hankered after one for years have bought while they can still afford one, others have bought for investment. Exporting a UK car also became particularly attractive to countries such as Australia, where we have a number of clients for whom we have arranged inspection, servicing, shipping/insurance and preparation sufficiently thorough to pass through Customs.

We are on hand to advise. Although prices rose over 2015/16 they are settling back in 2020 back towards those levels, though some buyers refuse to accpet this so be prepared to make offers below listed prices as they may well be taken. Many people are still preferring to spend their money on a Ferrari rather than receive miserly bank interest rates !

We will provide a written and verbal report.

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